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Needing to Speak

Whoa! I completely forgot about starting this blog. That’s nuts! I had planned on keeping on this….but obviously with my last post being 2 years ago, you can see where that went.

I’ve grown so much in the past 2 years I’m not even sure I know the person on these pages! I think the reason I stopped blogging so much is because of twitter and the short attention span that it has created. If I want to highlight a news story I provide the link….say my tidbit and send it on to my people.

Who has time for lengthy words and sentences anymore?

I will try not to lose myself too much and compile some thoughts here from time to time. I do remember way back….writing to myself gave me time to think….something that now, I can’t remember the last time I did….

It’s out there.

So I’m typing this with my eyes closed….and this time….I’m not so sure I care how the layout of this blog turns out…..

Usually I’m so neat within my writing….this time….I’m going to take the care free approach….

With the music on….and my eyes closed it’s almost like I can see another world where we have miniature hippos as pets and bears walk with everyday people like they are the minority.

It’s amazing what you can see with your eyes closed.  “Is that really air you’re breathing”

I look to the floor….I look to the sky….I look all around….everything stays the same color!  I’m trapped!

I suppose the next question is…..Will anyone….anyone at all….fade to black……

The Frost Never Dies

There he is again……
It’s been a while since we last met.
What will we talk about this time around……

He sits down without a scrape,
The engine starts running.
This is all too familiar……

Just as he was falling asleep with the rest of the world……
I was coming alive.
Oh No!  Not again, it begins!

The warmth creeps up around me……
This is the part where I die, again.
No conversation; No remorse, Nothing as I melt away.

The Frost



Hope you enjoy my thoughts

The Sun is Just a Lightbulb….Don’t Freak Out!

There it is……


Hiding behind that cloud…..which some would call a lamp shade.


Look at it there……


It thinks it’s hiding from everyone near and far.


Oh, Look! Look!……


What’s happening now.


Finally some answers from this event……


Someone burst the cloud, light bulb cover.


Right before we were about to meet and greet……


You pointed the light switch from up to down!

Question:Has Science explained Death! I think so!

Digg directed me to a story on howstuffworks about science & Death.

First a few definitions:

OBE – Out of Body experience

NDE – Near Death experience.

Pam Reynolds had a brain operation because she had a brain aneurysm.  For this operations, doctors had to drain all of the blood from her brain for 45 minutes.  Technically, she was dead for that time.  Some awesome things happened when she was brought back.

She recounted talking to relatives….that had already passed.  One of the more amazing things is she explained parts of the surgery and knew exactly the tools that were used on her!

“A brain-dead person should not be able to form new memories — he shouldn’t have any consciousness at all, really. So how can anything but a metaphysical explanation cover NDEs?”(source:Howstuffworks)

Another study conducted by University of Kentucky researchers has made them develop a hypothesis saying that the mind can wake before the body causing hallucinations and the feeling of being out of your body.  Although this does make sense, it still doesn’t correlate with how a “brain-dead person can develop these memories or experiences”.

Someday, whenever I do croak….I still want my body to go into preservation so that if any type of scientific break-through comes around bringing people back….I want to be first in line.  It will definitely be in my will.

This is amazing!

The Love is Gone….Completely

And now Ladies & Gents, A very special song for that very special someone:

“That Is Why”

Today I sat and smoked myself to cancer
Thinking about the dancer at the bar
Well how was I to know
That a crush could just implode
‘Til it became a grudge eclipsing every star

And yes I know my addictions run the gamut
The drugs, the smokes, the booze, the 24
But you can’t make the turkey colder
Or skew me less bipolar
Let me list the things about you I abhor

Horrible, you’re…
So easy, talk sleezy
You led me off the plank and left me queasy
And that is why
You can’t rock my world

You swore that you were taken when I met you
But yes you did undress me from afar
A gentle concubine
You’ll skip amongst the mines
Just a product of the endless empty grind

You lack the curves that prove a proper lady
A slender slave with sluttish, sleepy eyes

Though once I was emoting
And Bono-lyric quoting
I have found another be my guest and die

With starry eyes, she’s…
Warm-glancing, entrancing
And now I’m through with all your sick sad ranting
And that is why
You can’t rock my world

I’ve lost you
And now I glide through the silky sky
It’s so blue
And you’re just old news

That is why
You’re so screwed
Cadaver gone blue
This has died
Your machine has grown gangrene
And now I see right through your lies

Ripe wonder, I plunder
Her village now that I know that I’ve become her
And that is why
You can’t rock my
That is why
That is why
You’ll never ever ever in a GOD DAMN MILLENIUM

Be my girl

ATTN: Irony that you must be made aware of….

 Yesterday, Sunday, October 21, 2007 a terrible thing happened. As terrible as it may seem it still has a sense of irony that is just too….ironic….to pass up.

On interstate-69 in Indiana this van carrying 15 or so people crashed!! It left 5 dead along with 11 others injured. 3 of the deceased were children!

The Irony: It was a van of Amish people. For those of you that have no idea what Amish people are go check the Wiki here. So basically in a nutshell, Amish people are people from a few centuries ago that live in today’s times. One of the main arguments they have is that they can’t drive cars because it’s against their faith.

Sorry, to each his/her own when it comes to religion, but! C’mon people….get with the times….at least on the vehicular transportation.

This recent event won’t make them be driving cars anytime soon.

Indiana News

Note: Always think of this Family Guy when I think of Irony….and I usually say Irony in this tone. 🙂